The Company

After years spent in coffee research, we have concluded that it would only be worth producing coffee if we strive to obtain high quality beans and high productivity. In 1989 we purchased an area at the cerrado region that united all the climate conditions, plain topography, altitude above 950 meters, abundant water and great earth quality.

Located at the coordinates 18-14-10 / 45-57-20

That’s how Fazenda Paraiso came to life and now produces 6 million pounds of coffee in the following qualities:

  • Washed: 2,4 million pounds
  • Natural: 3,0 million pounds
  • Low quality: 0,6 million pounds


We began planting coffee in 1992 and had our first harvest 1994, confirming our expectations. The quality of our coffee greatly surpassed all others in the region, showing us that we were in the right track, but we still wanted more, knowing that we had a lot of potential to enhance our operation, since it was only the first time we harvested coffee.

Year after year we installed our irrigation system while also upgrading our equipment and infrastructure and in 2004 we began our dense coffee project, which guarantee us today higher productivity and a better bean quality.

Harvest and Beneficio

When the beans are finally at the point of harvest we use modern machinery and track our coffee so its properly washed and separated. After washing the beans are dried either in patios, rotating drums or silos specially designed to preserve the coffee quality to the maximum.

Once dried the coffee will rest at our farm storage for the beans humidity homogenization and will soon after be taken to our BENEFICIO where we separate them by type, screen, density and color pigmentation.

Having finished all of the beneficio stages the coffee is ready to be packed in to our PARAISO ESTATE COFFEE bags and be shipped to our customers. The coffee goes directly from our farm to the shipping ports so there is no risk of being mixed with other farms coffee.

Enviroment and Sustainability

The environmental policy adopted by FazendaParaiso has the objective of minimizing risks to nature and to the people that work with along us throughout the years of agricultural practice, promoting the protection and conservation of our natural resouces.

Fazenda Paraiso has the commitment to produce coffee in a sustainable manner, striving to conserve wildlife and natural ecosystems. Every law referring to the environment and work safety are rigorously obeyed.

The remaining areas with natural vegetation such as: woodland, springs and other bodies of water are monitored for protection and conservation.

Every area of preservation and the ones destined for the Legal Reserve are identified and monitored, and we keep our commitment to replant and restore any areas that have the necessity.

The conservation of our aquatic resources, its rational and efficient use in farming needs and the prevention of the contamination of under and above ground waters are a constant concern for Fazenda Paraiso

Benefits for our workers

Fazenda Paraiso has a commitment with the well being of our collaborators. Measures that assure the health and safety of our workers are adopted taking consideration their physical integrity and morale. The farm provides internal and external proficiency training through courses and seminars, stipulated for various work areas and functions.

The community

Fazenda Paraiso is a partner with the local government of Sao Gonçalo do Abaeté City in the “Projeto Reviver e do Centro de Convivencia” encouraging and empowering students to be a multiplicator of principles and reusing soda two liters plastic bottles in order to stimulate the preservation and conservation of natural resources.

Fazenda Paraiso participates in “Campanha do Café” (Coffee Campaign) in favor of the Barretos Cancer Hospital.

In partnership with CODEMA –  Local Counsel of Environmental Preservation of Patos de Minas City to accomplish seminars at schools within the community looking to increase awareness on the importance of environmental preservation to a better life quality.

We also undertake campaigns to combat dengue fever with the participation of our workers and the support of the local government of Varjao de Minas with the objective of informing the community of the general effort in order to defeat dengue fever.

Certifications and Awards


The Rainforest Alliance brings the concept of sustainable agriculture to integrate the necessities of the properties, workers, rural communities, consumers and environment, promoting productivity, biodiversity conservation and sustainable human development, throughout the creation of social and environment norms.

certificado2.fwCERTIFICA MINAS

The Certifica Minas Café is the program idealized by the Government of Minas Gerais, executed by the IMA and Emater-MG, both connected to the Minas Gerais’s State Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Seapa). The program has as its main objective the implementation of good production practices at coffee based properties of the State, in order to increase the visibility and competiveness of Minas Gerais coffee in national and international markets.


  • We are suppliers for 17 uninterrupted years to Illy Café.
  • We were blessed with the Supplier of The Year Award in 2008.
  • Finalist at the 21st Ernesto Illy Award for Coffee Quality for Espresso in 2012.


Fazenda Paraíso
Address: Rua Olegário Maciel 203 sala 605 – Patos de Minas – MG – Brasil – 38.700-122
Phones: +55 (34) 3823-1214  / +1 407-401-4375 (EUA)
Email: Google Earth: s 18° 14′ 10 w 45° 57′ 20